Light Weight Wakeboards Are A Delight To Ride

Hydroslide Black Widow Wakeboard, Black, 56-Inch

Hydroslide Black Widow Wakeboard, Black, 56-Inch

  • Adult Wakeboard
  • Modified Twin Tip Design
  • Chaser Lace Up Bindings
  • 2 point adjustable Chaser bindings fit most Adult shoe sizes

The Black Widow wakeboard is designed for the beginning to intermediate skilled rider. Very forgiving design characteristics make this board easy to ride. Universal Jr. Lace Up Chaser bindings provide a secure fit while learning to do tricks and jumps. An all around good performing board for the adult rider.

List Price: $ 199.99

Longer wakeboards are generally easier to ride as well as learn on, they have a solid feel that will actually boost you off the wake. Longer wakeboards are much heavier which suggests you function harder versus the weight in the air, yet you likewise obtain even more control so much longer boards are terrific for finding out tricks for the initial time. The bottom line is that these wakeboards are aggressive.

Wakeboards are wonderful for sculpting, specifically on those glassy-smooth early mornings. Light-weight wakeboards are a delight to ride. Wakeboards are made with more rocker to take care of the rate at which they run.

Most wakeboards are made from fiberglass and also graphite, and also they include bindings that are connected to the board to hold the boarder’s feet. Purchasing a wakeboard could be quite demanding if you have never done it before and have no idea exactly what you are seeking.

Using a lifejacket is one of the most vital security pointer; coming under the water from a wakeboard can be really unsafe due to the rate of the boat so having a personal flotation protection device.


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